Occupational Licensing Stifles Alabama’s Economy

Occupational licensing is a threat to Alabama’s growing economy, and the families who inhabit the Yellowhammer state. What started as a great idea, quickly turned into a unruly monster once the government saw how much money could be made from

Conservatives for Better Leadership’s 2018 Voter Guide

Though some are describing the current state of Alabama’s gubernatorial race as, “boring and vanilla,” the candidates themselves are anything but. Each candidate represents a different strategy to tackle Alabama’s fractured reputation in the eyes of the nation. Our voter

Why choose one project, when you can fund many?

In a previous post, we discussed the fiscally questionable projects funded by our state government. One of the most controversial of our three examples is the construction of the Northern Beltline, a 52-mile freeway north of Birmingham. Unbeknownst to many Alabamians, this

Taxes & Spending

Alabama has a red state reputation, but in recent years hasn’t had the tax and fiscal policies to live up to it. Conservatives for Better Leadership is advocating for a dynamic economy, free of harmful tax increases that grow government at