Why choose one project, when you can fund many?

In a previous post, we discussed the fiscally questionable projects funded by our state government. One
of the most controversial of our three examples is the construction of the Northern Beltline, a 52-mile
freeway north of Birmingham. Unbeknownst to many Alabamians, this construction is estimated to cost
the state a whopping $5.45 billion…. a steep jump from the original quote of $4.7 billion. What’s even
more concerning is that our leaders continue to push for this expensive project, while slashing statewide
spending for new or expanded roads to a mere $150 million annually.

Instead of hammering forward with only one expensive, and largely controversial, project, ALDOT could
use the same amount of money to tackle smaller infrastructure projects that should carry a greater
priority. The state’s transportation infrastructure is the backbone to Alabama’s economy, and to achieve
effective and sustainable growth Alabama should proceed with numerous affordable infrastructure
projects rather than focus on one. In the next few weeks, we will cover a variety of neglected projects
identified by The Road Information Project (TRIP) which ALDOT should refocus their attention to. It’s
time for our leadership to responsibly distribute our state’s funding, and work to rebuild our strong