Alabama’s political class is in a state of crisis, with ethics scandals, corruption, tax increases, and wasteful spending. We must fight for strong, consistent conservative leadership. Our goal is to hold Alabama’s leadership to a higher standard than has been on display in recent years and give the people of Alabama the leaders they deserve.


Corruption and Cronyism

Alabamians voted to drain the D.C. swamp, but back at home, Montgomery is as muddy as ever. Governor Ivey has repeatedly talked about our fresh start after Governor Bentley's scandals, and instead of making a clean break from Bentley’s dirty tenure, she’s let the marshland grow. Governor Ivey has bear hugged Bentley’s policies, and has maintained over half on his old pals in the Governor’s cabinet. Kay Ivey claims she’s a supporter of the President, yet she’s done little to follow his lead and cleanup her backyard. Now is the time to do so!


Alabama’s infrastructure is crumbling. Recently, our state received a C- overall grade for its current infrastructure condition, with a C- for bridges and a D+ for roads. Unfortunately for taxpayers, lawmakers have used infrastructure investment as an excuse for raising taxes and playing politics with the transportation fund - degrading Alabama’s conservative reputation and hampering economic growth. Conservatives for Better Leadership will work to educate our legislative leadership on sound, conservative solutions to build an effective infrastructure plan grounded in private-public partnerships and reducing overhead costs – improving our roads in a way that boosts our economy, not harms it.

Taxes and Spending

Alabama has a red state reputation, but in recent years hasn’t had the tax and fiscal policies to live up to it. Conservatives for Better Leadership is advocating for a dynamic economy, free of harmful tax increases that grow government at the expense of the private sector. Unfortunately, recent Republican governors have advocated for tax hikes, rather than spending cuts, putting our state at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting jobs and investment. This is the wrong path.